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  • Saturday: 6PM
  • Sunday: 9 & 11AM

One Another

It’s all throughout the Bible: One another.

Love one another. Encourage one another. Forgive one another. Explore these “one another” verses with us this January during our weekend services and in “digging deeper” sessions on Wednesday nights–and improve every relationship!

This 4-week series begins January 7, 2023.

  • Weekend Service times: Saturday 6 pm; Sunday 9 am & 11 am
  • Wednesday Night Class details: see below



Jan 7/8: WORDS

We’re using more words, yet thinking about them less than ever. But our words can either build up or tear down.

Jan 14/15: HONOR

We’re in a criticizing culture. But for relationships to thrive, we have to be careful about the narratives we create.

Jan 21/22: ANGER

Outraged influencers are trending. But when we hold onto anger, it has a hold on us–and poisons relationships.

Jan 28/29: Q&A

A panel of experts, including pastors and licensed counselors, answer your relationship questions!



  • Dinner: 5:15–6:15pm // $6 Adults; $3 Children 3-12; $15 Family of 4 or more
  • Classes: 6:30-7:45pm (7000 Building- Monschke Hall) 
  • Children's Program: Infant-5th Grade

Jan 18


Rene and Laurie Schlaepfer share very practical questions they habitually ask one another and their family that have proven over time to lessen conflict and improve communication.

Jan 25

Tina Ratliff will share on maintaining healthy boundaries. Tina is a TLCer and trained Townsend Leadership Director. In this workshop, Tina provides tools, skills and practical help that will have an immediate impact on your relationships.

Feb 1

Chuck Starnes will talk about how to have safe conversations. Chuck is a relationship coach and draws from his years of experience to give you practical tools to help all your relationships.