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This is our prerequisite class for most Mission Trips at TLC. Each trip description will contain requirement information. Next class will be Thursday, April 13th at 6:30 PM in 7106.  Make reservations with

North America 


MEXICO (Mi6:8) • JUNE 21-26, 2023

PURPOSE: Share God's love with others through meeting practical needs. We will be building houses and relationships.

INFORMATION MEETING: Sunday, Feb. 19th at 10 AM in 7106 and Saturday, March 4th at 5 PM in 8122 (identical meetings)

COST: Approximately $450 plus travel to San Diego and back.

TRAINING CLASS:  It is highly recommended to take the Short Term Trip Training class on Sunday, March 19th at 9 AM in 7106.  Contact  to make a reservation.

REGISTRATION:  Go to  mi6-8.org to register!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Randy Strong at  

SEE HIGHLIGHT VIDEO OF 2022 TRIP HERE: https://vimeo.com/sadlegs/cloud


PURPOSE: To help with construction projects on the reservation, finishing the bathroom at the pastor's house and possibly doing some roofing work.

COST: Approximately $500 plus travel costs to get to the reservation.

SPACE: TLC is not leading this trip.  Our missionary, John Aldax, will be leading it and team will be made up of folks from Sierra Community Church from South Lake Tahoe.  If you are interested in joining their team, contact John.

APPLICATION LINK:  John Aldax will have the link.


OREGON (Camp Attitude)  JULY 22-28, 2023 - Family Friendly Trip

PURPOSE: To be support staff at Camp Attitude for families with special needs kids. Help in the kitchen, cleaning, program support, medical staff. High school students serve as buddies to campers. This is a SUPER all-age & family mission that makes a tremendous impact! It’s also one of our least expensive!

DATES: We are planning this week in July for folks from TLC to go together led by the Diepersloots.  If that week does not work for you, you are welcome to go another week.  Check out Camp Attitude's website for dates.  

COST: (Last year’s rates): $150 individual, $250 for a couple, $350 for 3 or more in a family (a small increase is possible). Your own travel expenses up to Oregon and back will also have to be factored in your expenses.

HOUSING: In tents or bring an RV.

ORIENTATION MEETING: Sunday, Feb. 19th at 10:00 AM in 7107 and Sunday, March 26th at 10:00 AM in 7106 (identical meetings)

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit www.campattitude.com or email  for more information and to apply.  For the TLC week, contact

Asia & Middle East

JAPAN • APRIL 17-26, 2023 - FULL

     PURPOSE: Imagine if you lived in a foreign land with few peers & friends that you rarely got to visit. Loneliness would be      hard to keep at bay. The times that you actually were able to gather with peers would be priceless! This is the life & mission of TLC's mission partners in Japan, Ken & the late Bola Taylor and their three children. Once per year the Taylor family is able to gather with their missionary peers at a retreat. To ensure that this precious time is as need-meeting & fulfilling as possible, Ken asks us to come and run the youth component of the retreat—this allows the the weary missionary adults to be free to attend to their own needs and be refreshed. And they can't say enough about "what an incredible blessing" this is for them! That is why we go! So if you have a heart to serve missionaries and minister to their (a super group of) "M.K.s" (Missionary Kids) & teens, then this is the mission for you!

COST: Approximately $2000 (Includes air and ground transportation, food and lodging, etc.)

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Passport and souvenirs & extras on “fun” day

SKILLS DESIRED: People with a heart for elementary age children, preschoolers and holding babies!


SHORT TERM TRIP TRAINING CLASS: Offered on Sunday, March 19th at 9 AM in 7106.  Contact to make a reservation. 

APPLICATION LINK:  www.tlc.org/japan


JORDAN • November 3-12, 2023

PURPOSE: Assist in conducting outreach & assistance to Middle-eastern refugees through home and village visits, and participate in all activities of the Amon House and encourage staff.

TEAM SIZE: 9 to 12 people.  

TYPE OF CHARACTER TRAITS NEEDED: Maturity in Christ, overseas mission trip experience, a good team player, patience & flexibility, emotional stability, servant heart, love of people, attractive personality and/or good social skills.

COST: Approximately $2,000 - $2200. May change due to flight costs.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Passport, vaccinations if needed, extra meals while traveling, possible excursion costs.

APPLICATION LINK: tlc.org/jordan

INFO MEETINGS: Sunday, February 19th at 10:15 AM in 7103 and Sunday Feb. 26th at 10:15 AM in 7103 (identical meetings)

TRAINING: Several meetings required.

SHORT TERM TRIP TRAINING CLASS: Required.  Next class is Sunday, March 19th at 9 AM in 7106.  Make reservations with

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Josh and Becca at

INDIA - Little Flock Children's Home - Throughout the Year

     PURPOSE:  Tutors needed to help children with their school work for two-weeks.  Teachers needed for a semester.  

     TEAM SIZE:  We are not organizing a team to go at the same time.  This would be for individuals or couples to go on their own.

     COST:  Around $2000 - $2300 depending on airfare


     FOR MORE INFO:  Contact our missionary Viji Cammauf at



   Our missionary, Michael and Lesly Najjar who serve in Egypt work through the organization, Pioneers.  There is no teams in Egypt this year, but there are many other ones offered around the world.  These trips are from 6-10 weeks and are intended for college or post college aged young adults.  We will not have a team in Egypt this summer, but God-willing we will have a team next year.  The trips are a bit expensive, but they include a lot of pre-field mentoring as well as in-person orientation and debrief at our HQ in Orlando. It is well worth the extra cost.