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Service Times

  • Saturday: 6PM
  • Sunday: 9 & 11AM

Midweek Adult Classes


September 20 - November 8, 2023

TLC Campus, 7000 Building (Monschke Hall)

No need to pre-register - just show up!

  • Dinner: 5:15–6:15pm // $6 Adults; $3 Children 3-12; $15 Family of 4 or more
  • Classes: 6:30-7:45pm
  • Children's Program: Infant-5th Grade


Main Study:
the "Explore God" nation-wide and all-church fall series that syncs with Rene's weekly sermons!

Main Topics:

  • What's the purpose of life?
  • Is there a God?...Is Jesus God?
  • Why does God allow so much suffering and injustice?
  • Is the Bible really "God's Word"? Is it reliable?
  • Why does Christianity seem so narrow and exclusive?
  • How can I know God personally?

For more details on the topics, click: https://www.tbc.city/explore-god

Join us for a combination of in-depth study and lively discussion that is open to all! Bring any questions you like!
The format will be one large group in the main room along with some smaller breakout groups based on interest or life stage.

Advanced Bible & Theology
Christianity I

Teacher: Mike Taylor

CHRISTIANITY I: The objective of this course is to equip believers to know what they believe and why they believe it. It addresses topics such as: Is the Bible true"; Does God really exist?; Who is Jesus?; and How does the Holy Spirit work in the believer's life?

Grupo De Español

Teacher: Julian Pizarro

Resumen de la historia de la iglesia.

Desde la iglesia primitiva hasta la realidad de la iglesia de hoy.

Parents of LGBTQ+ Children

Facilitators: Susan & George Hurley

This class will use the book Embracing the Journey as the primary resource in guiding Christian parents in loving our lgbtq+ children. Dive into lessons and truths that the Bible offers about how to love God and your child while exploring your family’s unique story.

Recovery Group

Facilitators: Don & Yolanda Miller

The Wednesday night Recovery Group follows our church-wide curriculum and discussion topics, working together through the Bible and within our church family and the group to provide strength and hope to participants. Our group is open to anyone who is open to recovery principles.

"MOPS" Mothers of Preschoolers

 Facilitators: Janet Holyoak and Catherine Schneider

In our time together, we first review the recording of our speaker from the Thursday morning MOPS gathering, which is then followed by helpful application-oriented discussions.

Worship God Through Singing as a Choir

Teacher: Michelle Izor

Worship God through singing as a choir while delving into the content of the Lord’s Prayer embedding singing and musical skills throughout our class time.

Parent’s Fall Series Group

Facilitator: Adrian Moreno

Singles Fall Series Group

Facilitator: Wayne

Singles Fall Series Group (20-40)

Facilitators: Brandon and Kyle