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Short Term Trips



Next one will be offered in the Fall.  If you need to take this class BEFORE September because of a summer mission trip, please contact Paul Spurlock at  to set up a meeting with him to go over the material.

Sunday, March 17th at 10 AM in 5204 This is our prerequisite class for most Mission Trips at TLC. Each trip description below contains requirement information. Make reservations with

North America  

MEXICO (Mi6:8) • JUNE 19-24, 2024 

PURPOSE: Share God's love with others through meeting practical needs. We will be building houses and relationships.

INFORMATION MEETING: Sun. Feb. 25th at 11 AM and Sat. March 2nd at 5 PM in 8111 (identical meetings)

COST: Approximately $450 plus travel to San Diego and back.

TRAINING CLASS:  It is highly recommended to take the Short Term Trip Training class.  Contact  to make a reservation for the next class.

REGISTRATION:  Go to  mi6-8.org to register!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Randy Strong at  

SEE HIGHLIGHT VIDEO OF 2022 TRIP HERE: https://vimeo.com/sadlegs/cloud


  • JULY 20-26, 2024 - TLC Family Friendly Trip

PURPOSE: To be support staff at Camp Attitude for families with special needs kids. Help in the kitchen, cleaning, program support, medical staff. High school students serve as buddies to campers. This is a SUPER all-age & family mission that makes a tremendous impact! It’s also one of our least expensive!

DATES: They really need help July 6-12, July 13-19 and July 20-26.  We are encouraging people to be a part of the TLC team for July 20-26 week.  TLC Leader for this week will be Greg Ford.

COST: (Last year’s rates): $150 individual, $250 for a couple, $350 for 3 or more in a family (a small increase is possible). Your own travel expenses up to Oregon and back will also have to be factored in your expenses.

HOUSING: In tents or bring an RV.

ORIENTATION MEETING: Sunday, Feb. 18th at 9 AM in 8122 and Sunday, March 3rd at 11 AM in 8111 (identical meetings)

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit www.campattitude.com or email  for more information and to apply.   You can also email Greg Ford or Ruth Diepersloot for more information about TLC week -  or

Asia & Middle East

JAPAN • APRIL 15-24, 2024 - FULL!!

PURPOSE: Imagine if you lived in a foreign land with few peers & friends that you rarely got to visit. Loneliness would be      hard to keep at bay. The times that you actually were able to gather with peers would be priceless! This is the life & mission of TLC's mission partners in Japan, Ken & the late Bola Taylor and their three children. Once per year the Taylor family is able to gather with their missionary peers at a retreat. To ensure that this precious time is as need-meeting & fulfilling as possible, Ken asks us to come and run the youth component of the retreat—this allows the the weary missionary adults to be free to attend to their own needs and be refreshed. And they can't say enough about "what an incredible blessing" this is for them! That is why we go! So if you have a heart to serve missionaries and minister to their (a super group of) "M.K.s" (Missionary Kids) & teens, then this is the mission for you! 

COST: Approximately $2000 (Includes air and ground transportation, food and lodging, etc.)

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Passport and souvenirs & extras on “fun” day

SKILLS DESIRED: People with a heart for elementary age children, preschoolers and holding babies!  You need to be able to hang with, play with, and engage with kids for 8 hours a day!

TEAM SIZE: FULL at the moment.

SHORT TERM TRIP TRAINING CLASS: Next class TBA.  Contact to make a reservation. 

APPLICATION LINK:  www.tlc.org/japan


JORDAN • November 8-16, 2024

PURPOSE: Assist in conducting outreach & assistance to Middle-eastern refugees through home and village visits, and participate in all activities of the Amon House and encourage staff. ALSO, if you are a dentist or hygienists, we would like to have some be a part of the team to work in the dental clinic for the refugees.

TEAM SIZE: 9 to 12 people.  

TYPE OF CHARACTER TRAITS NEEDED: Maturity in Christ, overseas mission trip experience, a good team player, patience & flexibility, emotional stability, servant heart, love of people, attractive personality and/or good social skills.

COST: Approximately $2,200-$2500. May change due to flight costs.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Passport, vaccinations if needed, extra meals while traveling, possible excursion costs.

APPLICATION LINK:  Fill out the application here.

Deadline to apply is April 12, 2024.

INFO MEETINGS: Sat. Feb. 24th at 5 PM and Sun. Feb. 25th at 12:30 PM in Room 8111 (identical meetings)

TRAINING: Several meetings required.

SHORT TERM TRIP TRAINING CLASS: Required.  Next class is Sunday, March 17th at 10 AM in 5204.  Make reservations with

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Kara Taylor and Angie Lackey at

JORDAN - Dentists and Hygienists Needed • Spring 2024 and Forward

PURPOSE:  We helped build a new dental clinic for refugees and they are in need of dentists and hygienists to come and serve for a week or more.

TEAM SIZE:  We are not organizing a team to go at the same time.  This would be for individuals or couples to go on their own.

COST:  Around $2000 for one week

APPLICATION LINK:  Contact Robin Spurlock at

FOR MORE INFO:  Contact Robin at  or our missionary, Jamal Hashweh at

EGYPT • June 22 - July 1, 2024 - Unfortunately, POSTPONED for now

PURPOSE:  To conduct soccer clinics for elementary, junior high, and high school students.  To help coach teams and work with a professional women's soccer team.

SKILLS NEEDED:  You must need to know how to play soccer, been a soccer player and/or coach of soccer.  Also, need to like to work with children and youth.

TEAM SIZE:  8 - 15 people

COST:  $2200-$2500 depending on airfare.  Covers food, lodging, transportation in country and airfare.  Does not include meals while traveling.

TEAM TRAINING MEETINGS:  There will be several in the months before you leave.

SHORT TERM TRIP TRAINING CLASS REQUIRED:  If you have not taken this class before, you will be required to take it.  Next class is on Sunday, March 17th at 10 AM in 5204.  RSVP with

TO APPLY:  Fill out the application here.  A team leader will be in touch with you to interview you and see if you are selected for the team.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Contact Julian at

INDONESIA • August 3- 17, 2024

PURPOSE:  To go as eco tuorists and use our skills (medical, exercise, teaching English, fishing, music, etc.) to reach out to the unreached people groups.  

COST:  $2100 - $2500 depending on airfare.

TEAM SIZE:  4-12 people

SHORT TERTM TRIP TRAINING CLASS:  A required class if you haven't taken it.  Next class will be Sunday, March 17th at 10 AM in 5204.  RSVP to Robin at

TEAM MEETINGS:  There will be several before you leave.

INFORMATION MEETINGS about the trip:  Sunday, Feb. 11th at 10:15 AM in 8122 and Sunday, Feb. 18th at 10:15 AM in 5204/

TO APPLY:  Fill out the application hereDeadline to apply is April 15th!  The team leader will reach out to you to set up an interview and then to select the team.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Contact Jim Holderman at




PURPOSE:  Mercy Ships has two ships that serve different African countries.  They need 1200+ international volunteers.  You can volunteer for 2 weeks, a month, or longer. 

SKILLS:  They need volunteers in medical roles (nurse, surgeon, dentist, pharmacist, radiologist, physiotherapist, etc.), general areas (cooks, teacher, housekeeper, finance, hospitatlity, photographer, human resources, dining room staff, sales, etc.) and technical roles (seaman, carpenter, plumber, engineer, electrician, etc.).  There is literally some spot on the crew for you!!  

COST:  Round trip airfare to Africa

TO APPLY and FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Go to www.mercyships.org/get-involved/volunteer