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Studies and Books

Here you'll find small group studies, books and videos produced by Twin Lakes Church.


Explore God

We all have questions. We all wonder. We all have questions about God, faith, and purpose. This series looks at those questions in an open, authentic way.

Series Date: 2023


You'll Get Through This

This 8-week study on the life of Joseph is based on the book, “You’ll Get Through This,” by Max Lucado. We all fear the depression will never lift, the disappointment will never stop, the pain will never leave. Here in the pits, surrounded by steep walls, we wonder if our gray skies will ever brighten. Though these unprecedented and challenging times may bring a load of uncertainty and fear that feels too heavy to bear, God gives us this promise: You'll Get Through This.

Series Date: 2022

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Faith Forward

Bad news, division, stress, and anxiety have you traumatized and exhausted. Faith that was once a source of strength is now in need of a recharge. Would it surprise you to learn that a chapter in the Bible was written to people feeling exactly the same way? The Book of Hebrews was meant for first-century believers in Jesus who were tired of waiting for God to set things right. Then in one of the most beautiful, surprising, epic chapters of the Bible, they meet a parade of people who kept the faith in very tough times.

Series Date: 2021



Chasing David

King David. He's in the Bible more than anyone but Jesus. His story is packed with battles and betrayals, triumph and tragedy. But who was he really? In this series, discover the real David—and find courage and insight to face your own life's battles.

Series Date: 2019



Miracle Grow

How do you know God is really working inside you, changing you? Is it an emotional high you feel? A set of rules you keep? Do you get spiritual super powers? Or health and wealth? The Bible says it's something else. Something better. It's about growing in love, joy, peace, kindness, and five other qualities found in Galatians 5 - "the fruit of the Spirit". It's the life you've always wanted.

Series Date: 2018

{This series not produced by Twin Lakes Church}



Richer Life

Explore eight passages from Luke, and use our Richer Life devotional book to learn how to enjoy God’s generosity towards us; and how to let that generosity overflow from us to others.

Series Date: 2017



Acts Odyssey

Join us as we explore this little-studied book about the beginning of the Church. Follow pastor René as he travels to the sites mentioned in the book of Acts. We'll learn how God used a very small group of people to change the world through the Gospel...and how it can happen again!

Series Date: 2016



The Seven

In The Seven, René Schlaepfer journeys to the original sites of these seven churches. What he discovers through new archaeological finds and manuscript research helps decode these documents. And if you ever feel discouraged, exhausted, or in need of a personal word from God, these words of Christ can change the way you see your present…and your future.

Series Date: 2015



40 Days in the Word

Not an original TLC study.

Series Date: 2014



Faith Building

Faith. It's more powerful than mere optimism or positive thinking. It's the key to experiencing all the blessings of God. But what is it? How do I get more? How does faith increase my impact and deepen my joy? When you see what the Bible says about it, your own faith will be strengthened - and stretched. And your life will never be the same.

Series Date: 2013



Jesus Journey

Jesus is honored and worshipped by millions, but the intent of Christ's teaching often remains obscured by our modern perspective. Seeing the ancient paths Jesus walked - learning the truth about the world he lived in - adds new dimension to his teachings. In Jesus Journey, you'll go on a 40-day trip to the lands of the Bible. You'll discover archaeological treasures amid mysterious ruins, and encounter Christ in a fresh new way.

Series Date: 2012



God Is

What you believe about God changes everything. Knowing God as He is will lift your spirits and transform your entire perspective. Yet so many people think of God as unloving, uncaring, or unknowable. Devote 50 days of your life to intentionally noticing and studying God’s messages to you about Himself. You’ll get a crisp, engaging introduction to what the Bible, creation, and some of history’s greatest thinkers really teach about God. What you find will surprise and renew you!

Series Date: 2011



Grace Immersion

If Jesus came to set us free, why are so many Christians drained of joy and life? Why is it so hard to shake the feeling that you are not measuring up? Why is the Christian message often misunderstood, even by Christians, as “try harder?” If you feel guilt-ridden, unhappy, and spiritually dry, this 50-day study is for you. Rediscover the liberating message of God’s free gift of grace! Get into small groups and use our daily meditation guide and you’ll discover the joy of growing in grace along with those around you.

Series Date: 2010



The Hope Experience

Our world is in a catastrophe of hopelessness. How can you build your own hope and optimism? And how can you encourage others? Hope is essential to Christian faith, so for 50 days our whole church will develop “the hope habit” together through daily readings, memory verses, small group meetings, and “hope projects”.

Series Date: 2009